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Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Most people find advertising boring, these are examples of interesting, creative and amusing ads around the world that you actually might enjoy. Every advertising agency has a goal of having such creative and likeable ad campaigns. The more you like the ad the more you... [+]

Shocking 3D Illusion Scares London Mall Shoppers

Possibly one of the most dreaded scenarios when walking into the elevator is realizing there is a gaping hole on the floor leading to the abyss and you’ve just about to fall into it. Scary enough to leave most people shocked for quite a while,... [+]

Most Adorable French Gangsters Ever

When these kids put their glasses on, an amazing transformation occurs. No, they don’t turn into superheroes, but into something more chic… Very French Gangsters is a company with possibly the coolest name ever that sells eyewear for kids, which makes their name selection even... [+]

Lego Cartoon Characters Ad Campaign

Is it possible to represent some of the most famous cartoon characters using only different colored Lego blocks? Their new campaign says it is. Lego’s latest ad is simply entitled “Imagine”, and it’s not hard to do so, piles of Lego blocks as popular cartoon... [+]

A Facebook You’re Not Really Used To

We’re not talking about the world’s most popular social network here, but literally about a face made from a book. Confused? That’s the effect the Dutch artists were counting on. The annual Dutch Book Week is an event that promotes Dutch literature and every year... [+]

Radio Station Advertisement Made With Old Records

When a French rock station wanted to do a campaign to promote their expansion, they couldn’t have dreamed that they would get so much popularity. The “Rock is here to change your life” campaign was a true homage to old rock and roll album art.... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #18

Sunday is here again and that means that we have a fresh new picture dump for you. It is time for 20 fresh pictures and illustrations. Don’t forget to send us your favorite pictures you stumbled over. So, let’s begin: AT-AT Star Wars street art.... [+]

Difference Between Movies And Films

Making a campaign for a film festival can be pretty challenging, but with some humor involved the result can turn out to be awesome. Is there a difference between a film and a movie? Apparently there is according to the campaign of New York International... [+]

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