Photos of Magical Soap Bubble Reflections

Photos of Magical Soap Bubble Reflections

Seeing these beautiful pictures of soap bubbles takes us back to our childhood days when we were blowing them and watching the rainbow-colored spheres flying through the air.

Keen eye of the photographer Richard Heeks doesn’t only make photos that help reminisce childhood memories but also captures magnificent landscapes in the bubble reflections.

Heeks developed his passion for bubble photography in quite a strange way. Inspired by the movie “Blade Runner”, particularly by the opening scene where Los Angeles is seen in flames through the reflection in a bystander’s eye, Heeks experimented with making photos that portrayed eye reflections. One day while having fun blowing soap bubbles, he noticed with astonishment the beauty of curved reflections in overlapping colors. Heeks admits that he has got an obsession with bubbles since, tirelessly searching for the best bubble mixture and trying out different backgrounds and shot angles.

He takes pride in not using any kind of electronic device to help him with the right timing, so it takes him hundreds of attempts before capturing the perfect shot. Still, the incredible photo of the exact moment when a bubble bursts became one of his most famous works and was well worth the effort.

If you’re interested in making bubble photos, look for Heeks’ advice on choosing the right film thickness, weather and lightning. Tips from a photography expert like him can save you a lot of time in making these colorful photos.

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