Lego Dude Surfs On Blue Waves Of Ink

Lego Dude Surfs On Blue Waves Of Ink

Ink meets water, and Lego Surfer dude is lucky enough to ride it on his surfing board. Definitely an interesting way of expressing high-speed photography.

It can take a while to realize that the soft blue thing is ink flowing freely in clear water. Still the bubbles on the surfing board reveals that it’s happening under water, or else you would have thought that it was some kind of blue smoke. Talented Italian artist Alberto Seveso is known for his underwater ink photographs, but now he has paired it all up with a Lego character that fits his new project perfectly. He calls it “Ink Riders”, and the little Lego guy is really riding those blue waves of ink.

This kind of photography requires a lot of patience, especially when you have to make it look like the toy is really surfing. Impressive work, indeed.

Something as impressive as this, that can remind of it as well, is water drops photography, and here are some amazing examples.

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