Expressive Portraits of Men’s Best Friends

Expressive Portraits of Men’s Best Friends

If you ever doubted about dogs having unique personalities, here’s a collection of photos by Gerrard Charles Gethingsthat will prove you wrong.

A dog lover and an aspiring London based photographer Gerrard Charles Gethings has taken on a rather complicated project. While most portrait makers don’t have much trouble making their models sit still, these furry rascals have a pretty short attention span and a tendency to run out of frame before the shot is made. Still, Gerrard managed to capture the amazing facial expressions on dogs of various breeds. They go from playful and cheerful to serious and pensive, as much as a four legged pet can look like they’re thinking about the meaning of life, universe and canned dog food. You don’t have to be a dog person to enjoy these, because they’re obviously made by a talented professional.

Gerrard talks about the importance of light and shade for the quality of photos. Nowadays everyone can get expensive equipment, and good photographers are forced to get even better and focus on the detail rather on sharpness and resolution. It’s the tiny details that make his photographs so powerful and interesting.

In case you want to capture your pet on camera, you can find many helpful pieces of advice on Gerrard’s website, from preparing the set to getting the dog used to flash. If you want to enjoy more Gerrard’s photos, you can purchase his book entitled Dogonomics, which makes a perfect Christmas present to every dog lover.

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