Keeping Your Possessions Safe Before Restoration

Keeping Your Possessions Safe Before Restoration

One’s home is often a treasure-chest of valuable and priceless items, either new, rare or passed down from generation to generation.

These items are not necessarily worth a lot of money but can be filled with memories and are equally as valuable. Time, sunlight, moisture and even natural disasters (such as earthquakes or floods) can cause damage to these precious items but all is not lost. Restoration of personal possessions is now not only a hobby for antique collectors but is also a viable business that will help you to restore your favorite piece of furniture, panting, sculpture or photograph.

Various restoration services now not only assist you with the wrapping, packing and numbering of items, but they also offer a bulk storage service to keep your valuables safe from any further damage or harm before they are actually restored.

These climate-controlled storage units are usually large warehouses where damaged items are kept safe, not only from theft but also from the outside elements until they are brought in for restoration.


These outside elements can further damage the already worn and beaten items and lay the groundwork for mould and mildew to settle in. The storage facilities that are offered are climate-controlled which means that they will keep your belongings safe from the influences of sunlight and humidity.

Wood is protected from cracking while metal valuables are protected from rust, mould and mildew that would eventually ruin the objects. Personal and private documents can also be kept safe in these store units from excessive temperatures and humidity.

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause damage to a variety of possessions – it can yellow and crack old photographs, it can fade the vibrant colors of textiles and will even melt older or weaker plastics.

If you keep many of your valuable possessions in damp basements or garages or in overly hot attics or sheds, then the chances are that over time, these items will be ruined.

And if you already have items that have been ruined by either being kept in such conditions or were damaged in an earthquake or flood, then keeping them in these safe, climate-controlled storage units will protect your belongings from climate changes, insect infestation and dampness until they are restored to their original state.

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