Top 10 80s Fantasy Films

Top 10 80s Fantasy Films

With Game of Thrones back on the air why not recap best 80s fantasy films. Get pumped for some cheesy sword play, not-so-scary sorcery and Tom Fonns nerdy commentary.

Let’s start with Dragon Slayer; before Ghost Busters 2, Peter MacNicol was practicing magic and slaying dragons. Hard to believe it’s a Walt Disney Movie!

Our #9 pick is Ladyhawke featuring America’s beloved Tom Hanks. And who can resist Michelle Pfeifrer as hawk by day, and of course Matthew Broderick, being well, a wimp.

The NeverEnding story comes in at #8. This German/American children’s tale is jammed packed with magical creatures including the friendly hero Falcore.

#7 features unbelievable (for its time) stop motion animation in Clash of the Titans.

Will we ever be able to shake #6 from out minds? The Labyrinth, between David Bowe’s tight pants, the puppets and overall brilliant musicality certainly must deserve a better spot than 6!

Willow coming in at #5 is one of Ron Howard’s best films, George Lucas created an epic tale of a dwarf’s journey to protect a baby from an evil queen.

Legend at #4 features Tim Curry as a terrifying Lord of Darkness with clown make up and devil horns, could he be any scarier?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a ruthless warrior in the #3 spot, Conan. And winning the #2 spot, Excalibur, director John Boorman depicts one of history’s most obscure periods of time.

The Princess Bride triumphantly wins the #1 spot with epic sword battles, magical creatures, and of course true love, any other movie in the #1 spot would be INCONCIEVABLE.

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