Pictographic Movie Posters

Pictographic Movie Posters

Using only a few simple signs can create great movie posters, but you have to put a lot of effort to it for it to look awesome at the end. That is exactly what was done with this project.

“Freelance photographer and graphic designer with a passion for film, music and funny youtube videos” is how Viktor Hertz is describing himself on Flickr. And for your information he is the one that makes these minimalism movie posters using only pictograms and other minimalistic symbols. He avoids using too many colors and images, only the most necessary shapes that can describe the theme of the movies, and they are mostly famous ones like the Taxi Driver, Terminator, Spider-man and Psycho.

Every movie poster design goes hand in hand with the plot of the movies, so it is really easy to recognize which poster is which. Viktor Hertz is still afraid to cross the line to boring-ness, so he encourages you to contact him if he gets too minimalistic, which he means will be boring eventually. One other artist that has minimalistic style but still ain’t boring is this guy who mixes Star Wars with other classic films on his posters.

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  1. Johnny T...
    February 16, 2011 @ 5:32 pm

    Psycho and Spider-Man are the best ones in this collection. And he’s not boring at all!!

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