3D Paintings of Classical Hollywood Stars

3D Paintings of Classical Hollywood Stars

Don’t forget your 3D glasses when you go to this art exhibition, because you’re gonna need them! These incredible canvas paintings are made to create a 3D illusion of iconic actors.

Stefan Da Costa Gomez, known under the alias Phyntasize, made a Classic Hollywoo3D project that features acrylic paintings of stars of the classical Hollywood era. What’s special about these paintings is that they’re made in a technique used for 3D technology that allows you to see another dimension on the canvas by looking at them through a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses (the ones they use in cinemas).

Each painting has a celebrity’s cause of death hidden somewhere on it. Marylin Monroe is depicted as “Holy Mari” with a halo made of sleeping pills, Humphrey Bogart is surrounded by cigarettes that caused him to develop cancer, Oswald the Rabbit is getting turned into Mickey Mouse by erasers with Universal pictures name on them, and James Dean is driving the infamous “Little bastard”, the porche he crashed in, uttering his last words – “he’ll see us”.

Talking about the 7th art, did you ever wonder what’s the difference between a movie and a film?

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