Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #8

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #8

The title speaks for itself, it’s already Sunday and new fresh pictures are out for you. You will see everything from drunk driving to some smart advertising.

Have still a good Sunday and just keep sending us your contributions for the next picture dumps!

Together we protect the city

Beer car

Don’t buy Slayer t-shirt while being drunk

Real life controls

“Officer, I haven’t been drinking, I swear”

Walking with my pet, nothing strange to see here

Flood, so what? Let’s chill and grab a beer

Fountain kid has super powers

Oh Hi there neighbor

This is what having a great day really means

Smart advertising

Finish him

In reverse world…

Batman made out of Lego, that’s it.

“My mom said go play outside”

Oh Hi there

Q and A

Is it time to panic?

Tree crayons

Whale tissue box

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