Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #7

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #7

It’s that day of the week when you need to chill and have a good laugh with our 7th picture dump! Cool cat, weird sheep and a funny sign are just some of the things you will soon see.

While you enjoy the photos don’t forget to continue sending us your picks as well. Have a great end of the week!

Creative fun on wall cracks.

We all need this sign sometimes..

Street Viking

I saw Star Gate! I knew it was real!

Biggest and cutest spider ever!

Just a sheep looking through the windo, nothing out of the ordinary…

How Robocop starts his day

Best place to watch a movie or what?

Super Mario painted hero

Flash spotted some unwanted guests from behind

Knitted Ferrari, that’s all.

Can you see a gigantic face in that cloud?

Motivation I need..

Dark Side crew having a drink at the bar..they have to chill sometimes too don’t you think?

Nothing to see here

Cool cat is cool

Chess figures

Just London Major and Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted while driving bikes in London..

Bar code Bar.

Awesome view!

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