Pepper Spraying Cop Gets Turned Into an Internet Meme

Pepper Spraying Cop Gets Turned Into an Internet Meme

The incident with the cop overstepping his authority has not been missed by the internet public who decided to give its response in a form of a meme.

After the infamous incident at the University of California Davis when a police officer pepper sprayed a group of peacefully protesting students who were a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the video capturing the spraying went viral on the internet. The cop in the video was identified as Lt. John Pike, and while he’s currently suspended and the whole case is under investigation, his action has been immortalized and ridiculed by a group of bloggers who made a bunch of photoshopped pictures portraying Pike pepper spraying various historical or fictional figures.

Soon enough a whole avalanche of similar pictures flooded the internet, and Pike was turned into a meme better known as “Casually pepper spray everything cop”. You can check out some of the most hilarious pieces of work with Pike pepper spraying Jesus during the Last Supper or causing the well known expression of terror on the famous “The Scream” painting by Munch. Now there’s even a blog on tumblr dedicated to collecting all pepper spraying cop memes in one place, and not even record albums, popular games or movie posters were spared from getting their “pike-ified” version. Although police brutality is a serious issue, it never hurts to make a critique with a little dose of black humor.

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  1. patch5129
    December 11, 2011 @ 8:48 pm

    @ pic 4, if it’s Jon Lennon, then who cares?
    @ pic 9 Come on now, we all wanted to do that
    @ pic 12, clearly self defense

    • awesomenator
      December 13, 2011 @ 12:50 am

      I will let you finish but..yes we all want to do that.

  2. Armando Cabba
    March 26, 2012 @ 12:49 am

    I have to take it up a level and paint him

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