One Direction VS The Beatles

One Direction VS The Beatles

Fainting girls, high-pitched screaming…The Beatles were the first band in music history to cause mass hysteria wherever they showed up.

And there hasn’t been a band able to match that kind of fan frenzy since. Then One Direction came along… The boy band founded in 2010 is threatening to take the throne as the most popular UK band of all times. As 1D craze is taking over the world, it’s hard not to notice some striking similarities between the two bands.

The British Invasion

This term refers to the enormous British musical influence on U.S. culture in mid 1960s, with bands like The Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones and the Kinks. History does seem to repeat itself half a century later as thousands of American girls fall head over heels for One Direction boys. Even Obama’s daughters weren’t immune to their charm, and their dad invited the band to play in White House.


Pick a cutie

While in most bands the singer gets all the attention, The Beatles and One Direction are known for causing endless fan disputes on who the hottest member is. Putting a bunch of hotties together has proven to be a success formula for most boy bands, and 1D are definitely not an exception.


All for one and one for all

While the Beatles split to pursue solo careers, making Yoko Ono the most famous band-breaker on Earth, One Direction has a completely opposite story. All members of the band started as solo artists, looking to win the British X Factor. When they failed in solo performances, one of the judges suggested they should form a band, and that’s how One Direction was born.


Contributions to the dictionary

Back in the days of the Beatles’ glory a term was coined to describe the ever growing hysteria – Beatlemania. Now the fans of One Direction proudly call themselves Directionists, and have hundreds of Facebook groups where they share their love for the band.


Playing for royalty

The Beatles have performed in front of members of the British Royal Family on several occasions, the most notable being the Royal Variety Performance in 1963. It is famous for the incident where John Lennon asked the audience in the cheaper seats to clap their hands and the rest of the crowd to rattle their jewelry, alluding to the great number of royalty in the hall, including Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. In 2012, One Direction played at the same event, this time in front of her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. Still, the Beatles have a great advantage – they have been awarded a MBE order of chivalry by the Queen. We have to wait and see if the youngsters from One Direction will prove themselves worthy of this honor.

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