Occupy Andy’s Room – a Protest of Toy Story Characters

Occupy Andy’s Room – a Protest of Toy Story Characters

The Occupy Wall Street protest is getting global, so global in fact, that it took over the Lego world in the room of Andy, the boy from Toy Story.

Cowboy Woody is leading the protest of angry toys who have rather unusual demands. Matt De Lanoy is a graphic artist from Downers Grove, Illinois, who is well known for his Lego portrayals of popular movies or shows such as Futurama, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and others. This time he decided to pay a tribute to the Occupy Wall Street protest by using the characters from his Toy Story set and make them into protesters.

All the main characters are there: Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Ham and others, while the soldiers are representing the police. Every character is holding a funny sign, like “I have a sign” or “I was told there would be cake”.

On the top of the table, surrounded by police, there are two bad guys representing Money and Power. Matt chose Stinky Pete and Lotso because, as he said, they were the only two characters in the whole Toy Story trilogy that never got any redemption for their evil actions.

Take a look at another artist’s portrayal of famous movie scenes with Legos.

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