Funny Video Games & Pop Culture Illustrations

Funny Video Games & Pop Culture Illustrations

Fun twists on pop culture and video games is something that we never get enough of. And what better way to express those twists than with colorful illustrations?

Now, we have seen funny illustrations before by Brock Davis aka Laser Bread , but it seems like he’s having a competition. Graphic designer Dann Matthews is showing both his skills and taste for humor with his hilarious illustrations.

From a crazy Twitter Whale that will eat you up and a doughnut mashed up with RoboCop, to a OD Super Mario and TMNT Bebop ready to be served. Unbelievable but true, and who knows where he get his ideas from, but all we know is that they are simply awesome, and we hope that he’ll keep them coming.

Yoshi’s Island

Save yourself, it’s a Twitter whale.

TMNT pork


Super Mario cart, literally.


My precious! Mypower up


Road portal

Mega man is useful


Who is no.1? Jason!

Only way to make sure if T-Rex is coming

Super Mario O.D.

Lightly used droids for sale

Payback time.

Aluminum coke falcon

Born to pwn.

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