Coolest and Craziest Shoe Designs

Coolest and Craziest Shoe Designs

As the March ends and April begins, we get into the holiday and festive season. Whether it is Easter for Christians, Holi in India or just the daffodils of Spring.

There are variety of things which you can do to cheer up your loved one, but since it is the colorful season, it is probably a better idea to go with items which resonate with the season and bring in happy feelings. Some of the decent choices could be fashion clothing, such as nice pair of jeans, colorful top, trendy shoes and some nice matching accessories and since it is the festive season and everyone is in the giving mood, you can surely find some coupons and discount codes online and save yourself some money while you are at it. A good healthy meal or a family holiday can also be some good choices.

However, we have come up with some coolest shoe designs, which shall definitely bring a smile to your face and if they tickle your creative bone you can find similar items in your nearest shop or even buy them online and surprise your loved ones with these mind dazzling gifts.

Last but not least, if you have gone through some cool or crazy stuff which can be given as gifts to the loved ones, we would love to hear about them.

Super Mario pumps. Being a geeky hottie is tricky, but there’s still a lot of girls willing to take that risk. After all, having a pair of high heels as awesome as this is totally worth it whether you get a date or not. Go geek babes!

Video game & art lover Maya Pixelskaya from Spain combined her passions in order to create unique products, that have touched the hearts of Street Fighter fans around the world. Her work has been featured in numerous blogs and websites, as well as on design magazines.

Here is an amazing example of awesome MOC; The Lego Converse shoes. Flickr user Matt Armsttrong aka monsterbrick has made red, black, gray and other kinds of Converse shoes out of Legos. He is a Lego maniac and a toy collector, and he loves high tops Converse shoe wear, so this was the perfect project for him.

The Seattle artist accurately replicates in cardboard a nostalgic footlocker of shoes, from ladies pumps to 1980?s sneakers. Installed like a thrift shop, the cardboard shoes will be interspersed with Leavitt’s famous action figures, trading cards, Barack Obama pieces, woodcarvings, velvet paintings, and other small collectibles. Leavitt also includes his “Homeless Executive House”, a cardboard sleeping unit with a miniature scale facade of the New York Stock Exchange. Traditionally distasteful and modest objects consciously designed for commerce become appropriate in the art world.

Gabriel Dishaw has made Nike shoes out of parts from inside a computer. From a distance it looks like real Nikes with a bling bling theme, and that explains how precisely Dishaw has made them.

If you are loving Nike shoes you can now also get a pair made out of paper. A young illustrator named David Brownings is making these unique and colorful paper shoes that cost about $50 each pair.

Nike’s AF1 is now in Dark and White Chocolate! These miniature shoes were made by +41, for Nike’s AF1 25th Anniversary.

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