3 Pop Culture Alphabet Versions

3 Pop Culture Alphabet Versions

Super Hero Alphabet, or The Simpsons Alphabet? No one has made something like this before. It could be the new and fun way of learning kids the good old A-B-C.

Graphic Designer Fabian Gonzalez, or known as Lishoff on Flickr, has made three fun alphabet versions. The first one is Simphabet where each character is shaped as a letter, H for Homer, M for Marge, etc. The second one is VGC alphabet which stands for the Video Character Alphabet. You can find Super Mario, Pacman and Tetris among many others. And the last one is a Superhero alphabet which represents letters for each superhero. Of course Batman, Superman and Zorro are nicely placed on the letters B, S and Z.

A fun way to spice up the old-fashioned alphabet, I know I would have appreciated to learn the A-B-C with Superheroes, games and the Simpsons, that would’ve been awesome. And speaking of letters, these famous portraits are made out of only using a bunch of letters and words.

The Simpsons

Famous Video Games

Super Heroes

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