Sculptures Inside Books

Sculptures Inside Books

This is what you call carving at a high level. Thanks to the amazing sculpting these books have probably never been more “alive”.

For this art work tweezers, knives and other surgical tools have been used, and all kudos go to sculptor Brian Dettmer from Chicago that is the artist behind it. Even though the carvings are amazing you shouldn’t worry; the books that “suffered” are old out-of-date illustration books, medical journals and dictionaries. Dettmer folds, bends and sculpts the pages that will give more vibrancy and shape. It in some way can remind a bit of the paper-folding art called origami; you will need a lot of precision and practice to succeed.

If you take a closer look on the books you can see how every sculpting piece has a theme. That is exactly what the artist wanted to express: the book’s content. He thinks that the richness and depth of a book is often undiscovered because information fades over time, and new old books get replaced by new ones.

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