Realistic Paintings Of Vintage Board Games

Realistic Paintings Of Vintage Board Games

With his extraordinary painting skills artist Tim Liddy knows how to recreate vintage board games as ultra-realistic paintings. It is hard to tell that they’re not photographs because of the tape and the tears a cover of a used board game gets after some time.

Tim Liddy has a master in Fine Arts and his amazing talent really shows off in his photo-realistic vintage paintings. Well-known games as “Risk”, “Operation” and “Battleship” are to be seen on the paintings. Oil painting and enamel is what he uses when he works, and the paintings are for sale if you wonder, but they aren’t cheap at all; the price vary from $3000 to $11 000, so you better start saving if you want to own one of these masterpieces. Maybe it’s worth it, because just look at them; it is almost scary how realistic the tape and the rips look on each painting.

That definitely makes them really special and expensive too of course. Photo realistic paintings can be seen other places too, like the ones that Boston-based artist Steve Mills have painted.

"What shell I be?" 1966

"Life, a family game" 1965

"The Barbie Game" 1960

"Test Driver Game" 1958

"English Fame Sorry" 1924

"Risk" 1959

"Operation" 1965

"Ice Hockey" 1959

"G.I. Joe" 1967

"Clue" 1956

"Candy Land Game" 1952

"The Game of Bird Watcher" 1959

"Battleship" 1967, this one was controversial and Internet meme because of what position the mother and daughter are on the picture.

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