Radio Station Advertisement Made With Old Records

Radio Station Advertisement Made With Old Records

When a French rock station wanted to do a campaign to promote their expansion, they couldn’t have dreamed that they would get so much popularity.

The “Rock is here to change your life” campaign was a true homage to old rock and roll album art. Ouï FM is a French radio station that decided to expand their range and let their future listeners know they’ll be available in various cities throughout France. They hired Matthieu Raffard, a creative photographer, to be in charge of the campaign’s ad design.

Matthieu came up with an original idea – to take some of the popular album covers of bands such as Dead Kennedys, Oasis, David Bowie and try to find a suitable background for every record cover in a different town. He fit the cover of a Ramones album into a street of Dunkerque, so it looks as if the old punks are actually posing leaned against a wall there. He even fit the top of Big Ben from the cover of The Who’s album over a church in Cherbourg, blending the two perfectly.

Using old record covers was an original way to promote top quality rock and roll music while paying tribute to the artists.

For more modern advertising that uses CD’s instead of records, check out the ads for an exhibition on music piracy.

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