Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

You gotta ask yourself – when was the last time you’ve seen a fully operational phone booth? If you belong to the younger generations, chances are you’ve never even seen or used one.

Phone booths were an essential mean of communication back in the days when people had no cell phones or where you can call 0800 numbers, placed all over the city in front of restaurants, bars and grocery stores.
Over the years they lost their purpose and turned into nothing but relics of the past. But not in Osaka, Japan.

A group of art students named Kingyobu realized they could turn these retro phone booths into something useful. Kingyobu (which means “goldfish club” in Japanese) filled the booths with water and transformed them into giant public aquariums. Since goldfish have a special place in Japanese culture, they were the logical choice. Now the passers-by can stand by the tanks and admire dozens of fish swimming around in these huge fish tanks.

Some people argue the purpose of this art performance, but the kids and the tourists seem to be enjoying the aquariums a lot. The forgotten phone booths regained a purpose, although a completely different one compared to what they were built for.

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