People In Photos Get Pencil-Sketched

People In Photos Get Pencil-Sketched

Take a brilliant idea, do some easy Photoshopping, and you will get something like this. Did someone say A-ha?

Artist that calls himself “themanwhofellasleep” has digitally removed people in random photos and replaced them with drawings. The photos he has used are his own family photos, but also some he randomly found on the web. The artist says that he wasn’t inspired by the Norwegian band A-ha, but we can’t help but associate, right? There is a thought that these drawings represent the idea of people that want to escape from life and be replaced by fictional versions of themselves. Now that he’s started it, everyone can join the fun.

And while some are replacing people with drawings by using Photoshop, this guy is replacing his friends with celebrities on personal party photos.

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  1. [A]
    September 12, 2011 @ 2:20 am

    Pretty awesome, indeed.

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