One Photo Consists Thousands Of Words

One Photo Consists Thousands Of Words

It’s amazing how many techniques there are to make great illustrations. You have drawing, painting, carving, sculpting, and what not. But now typography is a new way of doing it.

Playing with words is something that is quite familiar to this talented Spanish designer and architect Juan Osborne. He takes a bunch of words in all kinds of shapes and sizes and mixed them together with perfect coloring so they result in awesome portraits and shapes. But not just any kind: he recreates photos of famous people and musicians like Radiohead, Dr. House and Albert Einstein among several others. That is not the only thing; he also makes typography art of famous signs or photos like the peace sign and of the Tienanmen Square Protest in front of military tanks.

To manage the illustrations he uses a computer program to set it all together and edit the shadows and sizes of the pieces. It’s a detailed and time consuming work so every illustration of his is worth analyzing. Something that is very similar to Osborne’s word art illustrations are these stunning map art portraits and images.

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  1. Xaria
    June 27, 2011 @ 6:51 am

    Geez, that’s ubneleiavlbe. Kudos and such.

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