Lego Cartoon Characters Ad Campaign

Lego Cartoon Characters Ad Campaign

Is it possible to represent some of the most famous cartoon characters using only different colored Lego blocks? Their new campaign says it is.

Lego’s latest ad is simply entitled “Imagine”, and it’s not hard to do so, piles of Lego blocks as popular cartoon characters portrayed in a minimalist manner. By altering just two things – height and color (width too, in the case of “big boned” Cartman from South Park) of the block stacks, the geniuses behind this campaign managed to represent some of the cartoons older generations grew up watching, such as Lucky Luke and the Daltons, as well as newer ones, including the most famous yellow skinned, four fingered family from Springfield.

One question stirred up the background of the campaign – is it really the German advertising agency Jung von Matt who came up with the design as they claim, or was it the work of an anonymous fan who uploaded their art online? A strikingly similar Lego blocks design of The Simpsons was seen on the internet before Lego launched their campaign, raising many doubts inside online communities. No matter whose design it really was, one thing’s for certain – Lego’s more than happy with the ads being shared over social networks, which was their goal in the first place.

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