Futuristic Meeting Rooms

Futuristic Meeting Rooms

A conference hall or meeting room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. These are some futuristic examples.

Worlds best architects and designers made world best and futuristic meeting rooms http://www.venuefinder.com/meeting-rooms/, these are some perfect examples you can find at meetings in Germany, Hong Kong and even in Kazakhstan.

Neo Derm is a successfull medical center that focuses specifically on the skin care. Located in Hong Kong, this incredibly futuristic interior features outstanding proportion of lines, light and lime color. Neo Derm Skin Care center is located in 15000 square feet area and it has sustainability concept.


To give another feeling, this seating is more than just a seat. This seat is like a white glass or ice in the pole. Designed to be an autonomous island, equipped with sockets to recharge mobile phones and computers, Archetto is simultaneously open and closed, a visible and a private place. It can make the people to sit freely and comfortably viewing the other people around.


This is a conference table that designed in futuristic looks. White, clean, and the shape itself is reflecting a space ship table. Do you like star trek movie or any science fiction one which have space ship in it? It you like that kind of movie you will quickly familiar with this conference table shape. Designed by KINZO for for the management board of Ernst & Young.

Meeting room in The Emporio Armani in Hong Kong is born with the insight that global culture is an experimental territory of many identities. It is the encounter of diverse modes of sensing the world. Architecture and fashion are aspects of our reality that originate from the same universal culture.


Since 2006, Kazakhstan new capital city of Astana, itself an enormous hub of construction since it inherited the title in 1997, has been home to one of the world’s most impressive and visually futuristic pyramids, known as the palace of peace and reconciliation. It was designed by British super-architects Foster and partners. Inside the congress chamber is a possibly one of the smartest meeting rooms on earth.

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