From Scrap To Awesome – Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

From Scrap To Awesome – Amazing Steampunk Sculptures

If you ever wanted to have a 6 ft. tall replica of Optimus Prime that would make your friends bow to you as their new god, now you have the chance to get it.

For a mere $7400, that is, but what’s money in comparison to eternal happiness?

The guys from Kreatworks, a steampunk and metal arts shop in Phatumthanee (near Bangkok), Thailand, use metal scraps from cars and old machines to build incredible sculptures of monsters and robots from pop culture movies and shows. Most statues are life sized and weigh around 1000 lbs. so they’re really an impressive sight and look incredibly fierce, although there are a couple of miniature sculptures as well. Besides Alien and Predator statues, you can order human sculptures like captain Jack Sparrow or superheroes like Hellboy and Spiderman. The level of detail on each artwork is so intense that it’s just amazing to know that these things were built completely out of metal garbage.

The artists from Kreatworks have a decade long experience of working with steampunk and metal art, and are always looking for a new challenge. They love creating original pieces of art that are strange and fascinating, and will gladly accept your suggestions on future projects. If you got a lot of cash to spare, these things would make a perfect birthday present for any steampunk fan that would probably sell their soul for having something as incredible as this in their living room.



Bumblebee (Transformers)

Spider man


Optimus Prime (Transformers)


Jack Sparrow



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