Fantastic Surreal Sculptures Made of Sand

Fantastic Surreal Sculptures Made of Sand

It must be really painful for artists to watch their work turn to dust, but these people are making the kind of sculptures that are facing that inevitable fate pretty fast.

Nevertheless, the makers of sand sculptures are prepared to go through a lot to create their short-lived artwork. Each year, contestants from all over the world gather at the World Championship of Sand Sculpting contest in the United States. There are people of all professions, from artists and architects to engineers and even surgeons. Every team competing for the champion title has to build a sculpture on a tight schedule.

Creating a sculpture of big proportions is not only an artistic, but a physical challenge as well. As tons of sand are used in the process, the contestants must be in excellent shape, facing a lot of hard work and shoveling before they can start working on the details.

To help structures last longer, a special sort of top quality fine grain sand is used. This allows sculptures to last for months even in the harsh weather conditions. Still, these incredible compositions are doomed to fall apart just like any sand castle you’ve ever built.

This sculptor, on the other hand, decided to use something more solid to make his art.

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