Creative Installations by Laser Bread

Creative Installations by Laser Bread

Creativity, originality and amazing-ness combined in one. That is what you’ll get when taking a look at this one artist’s art work that will open your eyes to see things differently.

I’m talking about Brock Davis aka Laser Bread from Flickr. He has really done some impressive work which is really worth sharing with you. Some of his projects I’ve already written about in other articles like the one where he lets epic movie moment dialogs take over iChat, or the other one with hilarious and unusual illustrations of everyday objects with personality. This artist has a talent for music, writing, graphic design, advertising, drawing and video games, and he still keeps expanding his art field. Now he has played with all kinds of things making them look funny.

You will be surprised by his talent to see what other people don’t notice at all, including me. When he sees an empty turtle shell, he puts a signs outside which says: “For Sale”. Or when he slides a knife through silk textile he makes it look like a shark’s fin cruising through the water. Or how about when he makes a “mini-Stonehenge” out of small Rice Krispies? This is all the awesome ideas that pops into Brock’s head when he works. He has even made things that are unbreakable look like their made of glass – stunning!

I guess a turtle would appreciate this.

Watch out for the sh… knife?

Poor paper cup.

Mini Stonehenge

What’s for dinner? Paper.

One at a time people, you’ll all get to be on Facebook.

Piggy bank family.

Famous Pink Floyd’s album covers recreated.

Sleepy student’s notebook.

Money can be fun!

Photoshop reallity

Soft weapons

Using the hand as a gun, now with sniper.

Why bother buying new Converse?

They become happy if you plug something in.

Unbreakable things are broken

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  1. Paul
    February 25, 2011 @ 12:51 pm

    Great stuff, Laser Bread has a hilarious conceptual view of the world, great to see a more jovial use of ‘found objects’. Duchamp would have had a giggle at these ones… ;)

  2. Rachel
    October 10, 2011 @ 3:56 am

    It’s fun to think up how these artists got the ideas for these!

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