Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Most people find advertising boring, these are examples of interesting, creative and amusing ads around the world that you actually might enjoy.

Every advertising agency has a goal of having such creative and likeable ad campaigns. The more you like the ad the more you will like the brand. We started with advertisement for Orion Telescopes and their powerful zoom.

The cosmetics brand AXE with their campaign Unleash the chaos. After releasing a commercial with the same title, the follow-up is a print ad with the same task of promoting the New Axe Anarchy for him and for her.

Controversial ad campaign from clothing line Beneton the unHate series marks the enunciation of a new political position, which had already been hinted at. Rather than love, that can fail us sometimes, a message of unhate continues with their earlier political positions while encompassing the present issues.

Ad agency Sparkfury from ingapore reckon Alfa Romoes drivers are born that way.

Diesel, the international jeans brand, is launching “Be Stupid“, a campaign that encourages consumers to take risks and move beyond the smart and sensible track for life. The campaign, developed at global advertising agency Anomaly, includes online, press and outdoor advertisements featuring “stupid” acts.

“it’s the hat”, interesting ad from the German ad company named Serviceplan.

This advertisement from Lego asks you to imagine what these simple block formations mean. Using shadows, they tell us that it’s simply our imagination that makes these blocks come alive and, that through our experience, we can see anything through them.

Fosters Group is strengthening the Carlton MID “Stay a Little Longer” advertising campaign with “Spending too much time with the wife?”, a series of print advertisements. The Stay a Little Longer work has always encouraged men who need a break from the kids, mortgages and work stress, to spend a little more time with their mates at the pub drinking Carlton MID beer

WMF knife ads series is one of smart ads I ever saw. Its agency used a kind of humor exaggeration to display audience how sharp their knives can be.

Print for the VW Beetle that makes reference to the iconic cover of the Beatles album, Abey Road, released in 1969.

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