3D Paper Sculptures With A Great Pinch Of Life

3D Paper Sculptures With A Great Pinch Of Life

Paper sculptures are on the menu today. But everybody is making them these days so it’s nothing spectacular, you say? Think twice after checking out these 3D ones.

We have represented some amazing examples of paper sculptures, like origami or sculptures inside books. They are all truly amazing, but artist Sher Christopher is showing the world a new generation of paper sculpting. She brings life to her colorful little creations, and the reason for that is their detailed 3D shapes. Her art pieces have expressions on their faces unlike other paper sculptures, which makes these particular ones very unique. After all Sher Christopher is an award-winning paper sculptor so it’s no wonder she gets all the credit for his work.

She simply started paper sculpting when she took a year off from studying, and until today that has been her passion. She said in an interview that she is challenging herself for every new piece that she makes, trying to improve her skills even more. The time she uses on each paper sculpture is up to even 7 days, and she tries to do her best because she wants to impress and fascinate the audience which is one of her important goals.

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  1. Brett88
    July 21, 2011 @ 6:24 pm

    I just love photo no.4.

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