3D Cartoon Settings

3D Cartoon Settings

Since cartoons are something both children and adults enjoy I bet both would like to experience how it is to be part of one, and here you’ll maybe get the chance.

Boston-based artist Luke O’Sullivan has almost made it possible; at least you’ll feel like you’re in a cartoon among his art works which are three dimensional cartoon sculptures. He makes everything from a broom to a suitcase full of money. The artist himself always thought that it would be fun to make cartoon clash with real life like they already have done in a couple of movies. Those movies made a great impression on him when he was younger, and they still do so he thought it wouldn’t hurt making something like that himself. He says he can’t get inspiration by staring at the wall or a blank paper, it has to be while he is in the middle of creating something.

The 3D pieces are made out of wood, and the decorations are either drawn or painted. While O’Sullivan is mixing cartoon and real life indoors, this street artist is doing it outdoors.

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  1. lenny
    July 21, 2011 @ 5:56 pm

    Interesting :)

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