Mighty Steampunk Gas Masks

Steampunk this, steampunk that. We don’t know the reason why it’s getting more and more popular but you have to admit they always make it look so awesome. Heavy old-fashioned gas masks are often associated with creepy horror movies, at least for the younger generations.... [+]

Bowling With Creepy Zombie Heads

If you find zombies gross and scary, and on top of that you can’t stand bowling, this is definitely not the right place for you. Lots of bowling balls were turned into chopped-off zombie heads for a campaign in honor of the German version of... [+]

Creepy Forever Alone iPhone Case From Japan

Have you ever wondered how it feels to hold a attached rubber hand while you’re talking on your iPhone? Neither have we. Now, for $20 you can have on of these. The weirdness of Japanese products continues. You remember the creepy robot cell phone they... [+]

Burning Portraits Made With Molotov Cocktails

What better way to remind of fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II, than to make an enormous burning hot art installation? The walls of an abandoned WWII hospital in Yekaterinburg in Russia are now full of amazing portrait installations. They are a bit blurry... [+]

Edgy and Weird Illustrations by Boneface

Batman and Robin bleeding pink blood through their noses and ears? Rebellious guys with Frankenstein and skull masks? Meet Boneface. Boneface is a 23 year old illustrator from UK, and wow does he have talent for fresh and edgy pop art. His illustrations are not... [+]

Religious Sanctuaries Made Out Of Guns And Ammunition

Bullets, guns and steel are the three things that are combined in this amazing sculpture work. But why would you want to pair up weapon with religion? Artist Al Farrow makes us all speechless, gun enthusiast or not, everybody gets mighty impressed, whether it’s positive... [+]

This Norwegian Bridge Is Drunk

You’ve heard about the “don’t drink and drive”, but what are you supposed to do if the road, or even worse; the bridge, is drunk? Don’t believe it? Here is the proof The Storseisundet Bridge, or its real name Storseisundbrua, is a cantilever bridge which... [+]

The Dark Side Of New Orleans

What happened to these abandoned streets in New Orleans? It almost looks like zombies invaded them and made people run away but that’s of course not the case. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and destroyed huge parts of the city. With almost half... [+]

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