Döppelgangers in Hollywood

The word “döppleganger” was used to describe the supernatural double of a living person. In modern times the word has come to simply mean the look-alike of a person. In the celebrity-obsessed culture we live in today, we thrive and enjoy watching films where actors... [+]

Movie Scenes Before And After Visual Effects

Advanced technology has revolutionized the history of movies making it possible to film any scenario no matter how unreal and create fantasy worlds with limitless possibilities. While the use of VFX is obvious in movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy or older classics... [+]

Top 10 Movie Crew Fails

While director is yelling “action!” and snapping with the movie clapper, how about knowing your place and getting out of the way?? Here is a selection of scene outtakes where the filming crew have some sort of organizational problems, or they simply love to be... [+]

Top 10 80s Fantasy Films

With Game of Thrones back on the air why not recap best 80s fantasy films. Get pumped for some cheesy sword play, not-so-scary sorcery and Tom Fonns nerdy commentary. Let’s start with Dragon Slayer; before Ghost Busters 2, Peter MacNicol was practicing magic and slaying... [+]

Photoshopped Violent Movie Scenes Get a Funny Twist

Hasn’t this world seen enough scenes of graphic violence? According to a hilarious blog, “real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude” and we agree. Thumbs and Ammo is a blog with user-submitted movie scenes pics where all the weapons... [+]

Legendary Movie Plots Represented By Pictograms

Ever wished for a way to gather a massive amount of knowledge in a blink of an eye? Well, two Italian artists might just have a solution for you. We’re living in a crazy, fast-paced world where time is money and no one likes setting... [+]

Floating Cinema In Exotic Thailand Paradise

Tucked in between large rocks in a dreamy lagoon on Thailand’s Kudu Island, one of the world’s most unusual open-air cinemas floats on the tranquil sea. Probably the closest thing to heaven in the eyes of a movie fan, this magical raft is home to... [+]

The Billion Dollar Hero

What it would take to actually be one of these superheroes? As we know these are both men who didn’t actually have super powers but go to great links with their gadgets to fight crime. Ever wondered how much these suits actually cost? Well with... [+]

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