Street Artist Redecorates Grimy Urban Landscapes

The streets of French city Saint-√Čtienne weren’t exactly much to look at as this industrial coal mining town is still poor and affected by the economic crisis. Then a young man’s vision made the grim cityscape a bit more cheerful. Clever and mysterious street artist... [+]

Funny Way to Make Eggs

Millions start their day with a eggs on their plates, now there is little cute gadget to give your breakfast fried eggs a shape of sun and cloud and to help you start your day with a smile. A nice and creative designed gadget since... [+]

Weekly Super Awesome Picture Dump #21

We are back with super awesome pic dumps every Sunday. You keep sending us some photos and we will publish the best ones. Enjoy your Sunday! I got 99 problems but… Where did you hike today? A underwater hippo and 2 kids. Unbelievable anatomical illustrations.... [+]

Comical Photo Series On How to Make a Baby

A seven picture guide on how to make a baby? Don’t worry, this photo gallery is one hundred percent safe for work and it cant be shared with everyone. The perks of dating a photographer include having lots of amazing photos and interesting moments captured... [+]

Funniest Youtube Comments

Most of YouTube comments are annoying, stupid and worthless, but sometimes YouTube users delivers gold. Here are the 11 funniest screenshots we could find. Talking mushroom. Justin Bieber fan fail. The man has a point. Burned. Huge hands. Grumpy cat. Mozart beat. 1 pixel. Polish... [+]

Rearranging The World – Chaos Vs. Order

Here’s something anyone with OCD will enjoy! A perspective on the world from the eye of a person obsessed with order and harmony… The Chaos vs. Order gallery was uploaded on Imgur album some time ago, and it reached nearly 2 million views so far.... [+]

A Lesson In Amazing Parenting, Narnia Room

If there were such a thing as the parenting of the year award, it should definitely end up in the hands of the imaginative parents who surprised their daughter with this room. During the renovation of the house, the lucky 9-year-old girl’s parents realized there... [+]

Need to Want Less – a Minimalist Concept

How many times in life have we fantasized about getting something and then realized we didn’t need it shortly after getting it? Ah, the joy of consumerism. It’s important to have dreams and a list of wishes to motivate us, but we have to stop... [+]

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