55 Mind-Boggling Lego Riddles

Fifty five years ago, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen changed the history of toys by patenting the Lego bricks in a form millions of kids worldwide have enjoyed since. What made Legos so popular is the fact they are one of the most creative toys that help... [+]

Fire Extinguishers Art

Fire extinguishers with motives designed individually according to customers preferences ensure an original way of combining safety and style in tastefully arranged objects. These designed fire extinguishers not only that can save you from the fire they also can nice detail in your working or... [+]

Safety Pin Made Portraits on Banana Peels

When it comes to art and bananas, the most famous connection between them is the cover of The Velvet Underground & Nico album. Following the footsteps of Andy Warhol, the artist known as Honey got her 15 minutes of fame by turning her favorite fruit... [+]

Best Creative Ad Campaigns

Most people find advertising boring, these are examples of interesting, creative and amusing ads around the world that you actually might enjoy. Every advertising agency has a goal of having such creative and likeable ad campaigns. The more you like the ad the more you... [+]

Street Artist Redecorates Grimy Urban Landscapes

The streets of French city Saint-√Čtienne weren’t exactly much to look at as this industrial coal mining town is still poor and affected by the economic crisis. Then a young man’s vision made the grim cityscape a bit more cheerful. Clever and mysterious street artist... [+]

Shipping Container Home – a New Mobile House Concept [GIF]

One man’s inspiration found in trash resulted in one of the most interesting projects in the field of architectural design – houses made inside of shipping crates. Forget about trailer parks – the way things are going with these mobile homes, we’ll be having storage... [+]

Shocking 3D Illusion Scares London Mall Shoppers

Possibly one of the most dreaded scenarios when walking into the elevator is realizing there is a gaping hole on the floor leading to the abyss and you’ve just about to fall into it. Scary enough to leave most people shocked for quite a while,... [+]

How Algebra Can Be Fun When Used In Street Art

Urban art with a dash of geekery is almost always the formula for success, as street artist Aakash Nihalani proves once again with his new project. You might know about his previous work, Tape Art, where Nihalani used just some neon tape to create amazing... [+]

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