Song of the Day: Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me

Awesomenator loves the sound of cool tune while making the best content for this blog. Today we recommend you song by Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me. Enjoy!

Help legalize pot. Sign up for a chance to win $1,000!

Do you like pot? You should. Even if you don’t smoke the stuff personally, you should still be in favor of its legalization. Why, do you, the informed reader, ask? Because, if we legalized marijuana, ALL OF AMERICA’S PROBLEMS WOULD BE SOLVED….MAYBE. PROBABLY NOT ALL... [+]

Abandoned TV Sets Are Revived In a Nostalgic Tribute To Old TV Shows

Do you get that warm and fuzzy feeling when you reminisce about you favorite childhood TV show? Then you’ll love this photo series that brings old and broken TV sets back to life. Alex Beker, a visual artist, was inspired to do this session called... [+]

Futuristic Meeting Rooms

A conference hall or meeting room is a room provided for singular events such as business conferences and meetings. These are some futuristic examples. Worlds best architects and designers made world best and futuristic meeting rooms, these are some perfect examples you can find... [+]

Yummy City Blueprint Made of Food

You don’t have to be a big fan of architectural design to like these blueprints, because they would make a perfect delicious snack. This delicious project was made by Stockholm based art director Petter Johansson for a project called Atelier Food. He used chopped onions,... [+]

Illustrations of Animals Made From Letters

A is for aardvark, b is for badger…Learning the alphabet can be fun, especially through illustrations as clever as these. The site Word Animals offers a series of animal pictures made exclusively from the letters contained in their name. Some of these were really tricky... [+]

Phone Booths Turned Into Giant Fish Tanks

You gotta ask yourself – when was the last time you’ve seen a fully operational phone booth? If you belong to the younger generations, chances are you’ve never even seen or used one. Phone booths were an essential mean of communication back in the days... [+]

Colorful Collage Portraits Made From Money Bills

Have you ever paid attention to the artwork on money bills you’re using? Different countries have paper currencies that vary in size and color, but they have one thing in common – portraits of their famous people. French artist Philippe P√©tremant took some time to... [+]

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