Floating Cinema In Exotic Thailand Paradise

Tucked in between large rocks in a dreamy lagoon on Thailand’s Kudu Island, one of the world’s most unusual open-air cinemas floats on the tranquil sea. Probably the closest thing to heaven in the eyes of a movie fan, this magical raft is home to... [+]

World’s Greatest Concerts in History

There are several lists that circulate around the web trying to collect the most massive concerts in history. This is out attempt. Everyone has their favorite concerts in their life, in this list we tried to gather concerts that were the biggest and that changed... [+]

Top Destinations To Visit in Turkey

Turkey offers a lot’s of different types of destinations to travelers. From the dome and modern skyline of Istanbul to the Roman ruins and tropical beaches. If you are interested in property in Turkey you should definitely start from the Istanbul, the largest city in... [+]

Unexpected Things Found In Storages

Self storage units are used by all sorts of people, from average families to theto some of the world’s most famous musicians, film produces and celebrities. Here is the list of most unexpected things people find inside storage. In 2000, famous actor Nicholas Cage filed... [+]

Most Luxurious Wedding Venues In The World

If you are planing a wedding and it happens that you are super rich, we found you some of the most luxurious wedding venues in the world. Hotel Caruso, Ravello in Italy allows you to use exclusive hotel’s 50 rooms and suites and this amazing... [+]

Awarded Photos of Busy Urban Areas

As the cities grow larger, the pace of life is rapidly increasing. Sometimes it’s hard for people to find place by the honking cars as it all turns into one speeding mass of confusion. Award-winning Dutch photographer Martin Roemers focused on the human aspect in... [+]

Luxury Igloo Village In Middle of the Forest

From the air this has to look like giant light bugs or a weird phenomenon in the woods. Both assumptions are wrong, this is the stunning Kakslauttanen Igloo Village in Finland. Great glass igloos that obviously glow in the dark from all the lights inside... [+]

Fascinating Underground Metro Art In Sweden

The Stockholm subway is often referred to as the world’s longest exhibition, with 110 km of paintings, art installations, wall frescos, sculptures and other art forms along its hallways. When you pay metro fare in Sweden’s capital, you’re not only able to travel between one... [+]

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