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5 Tips for a killer Digital...

5 Tips for a killer Digital Marketing Resume

Digital Marketing is a trending profession. Professionals with creativity and a business-oriented mind are dominating this industry.The job prospects have increased over the years and so has the competition to grab those jobs. A digital marketing resume is a robust tool that can help you... [+]

Behind Marko Drapic New OneBigPhoto Switch to Black ReBranding

The Onebigphoto is a wonderful website where you can see some amazing images that can take your breath away. You can also upload your own images and after a short review, to eliminate the not-so-good ones, they are published on the site.

Celebrities Amazing Bathrooms

Celebrities Amazing Bathrooms

We are taking a peek inside one of the most private rooms in the house of celebrities – their bathrooms and let’s see what we found. If you need bathroom ideas this article will give you some inspiration. Celebrities need their privacy, and these luxurious... [+]

The History of Virgin Media

The History of Virgin Media

What do the Sex Pistols, a Nigerian airline and an UK broadband provider have in common? The answer is Richard Branson, one of the most successful business magnates. The story of Virgin begins in the early 70s when Branson started from scratch by selling records... [+]

The Biggest Selling Platforms in The World

Thanks to the expansion of online selling platforms, shopping from the commodity of your home has never been easier. From small local shops that offer their products online to gigants like eBay, you’re guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for, at affordable prices. These are... [+]

Song of the Day: Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me

Awesomenator loves the sound of cool tune while making the best content for this blog. Today we recommend you song by Kantare ft. Patricia Edwards & Syntheticsax – Lovin’ me. Enjoy!

Help legalize pot. Sign up for a chance to win $1,000!

Do you like pot? You should. Even if you don’t smoke the stuff personally, you should still be in favor of its legalization. Why, do you, the informed reader, ask? Because, if we legalized marijuana, ALL OF AMERICA’S PROBLEMS WOULD BE SOLVED….MAYBE. PROBABLY NOT ALL... [+]

Compulsive Hoarders, What are the Unusual Things They Store

Many people collect things as a hobby, but there is a line after which a pastime activity evolves into a dangerous obsession. Compulsive hoarders are people who excessively gather various objects and have a hard time discarding things they don’t need anymore, from empty bottles... [+]

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