World’s Greatest Concerts in History

World’s Greatest Concerts in History

There are several lists that circulate around the web trying to collect the most massive concerts in history. This is out attempt.

Everyone has their favorite concerts in their life, in this list we tried to gather concerts that were the biggest and that changed the world. Difference between now and then is buying concert tickets are never been easier with

On 1997, the French composer and performer Jean Michel Jarre won his fourth Guinness record to achieve 3,5 million spectators in Moscow, which celebrated 850th anniversary at that time. Previously had already gathered a million, a 1,5 to 2,5 million people in different concerts in Paris and Houston.

The festival was held at the Isle of Wight, south of the UK, in 1970. Even today it is celebrated, but it was this year, the year after the legendary Woodstock Festival, which brought together the largest number of attendees, approximately 600,000 people. This is the biggest concert in the UK to date, which is understandable if we look at the poster of this edition: Jimi Hendrix, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Chicago, The Doors, The Who…

The Love Parade was a popular electronic dance music festival and parade that originated in 1989 in Berlin, Germany. Over 2,5 million people attended each year while listening the most popular DJ’s in world, like Tiesto, David Guetta etc..

Soviet rock fans attend a concert in Moscow on September 28, 1991. Half a million people jammed an airfield to see the Monsters of Rock concert featuring Metallica, AC/DC and Pantera at the Soviet Union’s biggest Western rock concert, touted as a gift to Russian youth for their resistance to last month’s coup.

In 1994 British rock start Rod Stewart had a spectacular free concert at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro in front of 3,5 million people. With Jean Michel Jarre this is considered most massive concert in history.

Toronto SARS Benefit in 2003. The disease SARS that attacked Asia and Toronto in Canada was the reason for this benefit concert which gathered 450 000 people. Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Justin Timberlake were some of the artists that supported by performing.

Steve Wozniak’s 1983 US Festival with 670 000 people was a culture festival sponsored by one of the co-founders of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak. It was held in California with great performers like Motley Crue, U2 and David Bowie.

Woodstock 1969, with 400 000 people was the pop culture event of that decade that had a big influence on both American music and culture. Legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana was only a few of many others that performed. The audience, that were mostly hippies, sent a message to the world that everyone could gather together to enjoy music and celebrate peace.

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