Top 10 Coolest Gigs England Has Ever Seen

Top 10 Coolest Gigs England Has Ever Seen

It gave us the Beatles who changed the course of music history, unleashed the wild punk avalanche some fifteen years later and finally gave birth to new wave.

There is no doubt that England was and still is one of the most influential countries when it comes to music, creating new genres of music and setting trends for the rest of the world to follow, like upcoming Olly Murs show, so make sure you get your Olly Murs Concert Tickets on time.

Living right where the magic happens means being able to see many of the legends perform live, and if you are lucky enough to belong to the older generations you might have been a part of creating the history too. For those less fortunate ones, here’s a list of some of the most amazing live gigs ever to take place in England.

rolling stones concert uk
10. Rolling Stones, here’s something a little more recent – a 2003 gig. Maybe not their best concert ever, but how many bands can say they rocked hard after 40 years of existence? These rock dinosaurs managed to give two amazing performances in a row, teaching the young bands what it means to have feverish stage energy.

pink floyd concert
9. Pink Floyd – The Wall Tour August 4-9 1980, a coolest gig top list simply can’t go without this gem. Amazing audio experience along with the most complex stage theatrics ever seen at that time set a milestone in music history and defined the meaning of ‘rock spectacle’.

doors concert
8. The Doors – Isle of Wight, it was one of The Doors’ darkest concerts ever, literally. Jim Morrison refused to have movie spotlights on the band and the whole set gained a more intimate and mystical tone. One of the rumors claims that Morrison didn’t perform at Woodstock in fear of getting shot but couldn’t resist playing at Isle of Wight, and that he insisted on having the lights off for his safety.

oasis concert
7. Oasis Right Hook Riverside, Newcastle 1994, One of the rare Oasis gigs that would appeal to both their fans and the people who detest them. The audience witnessed a man climb on stage and punch Noel Gallagher in the face.

queen hyde park
6. Queen, Hyde Park, London, 1976, this free concert attracted around 150,000 people which is one of the largest audiences ever for a concert in London. It was a part of the band’s brief UK tour and the atmosphere was as hot as the weather. The complete show was supposed to be aired on TV but it never happened, and over the years several bootleg copies of audio or video were released in various documentaries.

the pogues concert
5. The Pogues – Brixton Academy, London, St Patrick’s Day 1989 , is the best date for any Irish band to play, and it’s no wonder that this brilliant gig will be remembered as one of the best by their older fans.

the smiths concert
4. The Smiths, “Jobs For A Change” Festival, Jubilee Gardens, London, 1984. This Manchester-formed band, led by fore-mentioned Morrissey, wasn’t one of the festival’s headliners but still managed to outshine everyone else. The band opened with “Nowhere Fast” which would later become one of their most popular opening songs in concerts to come.

clash concert
3.The Clash – Rainbow Theatre, London, 1977. Not only this was one of The Clash’s best performances ever, it was also voted the best gig in a country’s capital ever by a poll of over 100 Time Out writers and contributors. Besides having one of the coolest support bands’ list of all times, including The Jam, The Buzzcocks, Subway Sect and The Prefects, the gig will be remembered for a riot in the audience in which hundreds of seats were ripped out.

2. Sex Pistols – Lesser Free Trade Hall, 1976. This show is considered to be one of the most influential shows of all time and the myth around it grew so big there is even a book about it by an English journalist, David Nolan. Why the myth? There were only around 40 people present at the gig, but some of the people in the crowd were so inspired by it they went on to start bands of their own.

1. The Beatles – Top of the Apple Building, London, January 30, 1969. The four legendary Brits with funny hairdos led the famous British Invasion and started the Beatlemania all over the United States. There have been many sold out concerts, fainting girls and crowds going wild, but the most legendary concert ever happened back where it all started. London. It was the Beatles’ last live performance and also the first time in history that a band would perform on a rooftop.

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