Superpower Yielding Japanese High School Girls

Superpower Yielding Japanese High School Girls

As with a lot of other things, Japan, or rather it’s schoolgirls, are taking us into a new photo super trend.

A lot of you have already seen some examples of this, but it has only recently grown into a creative vesile for young Japanese schoolgirls in their desire to support the new Dragon Ball Z movie, and by posting their pictures on twitter with the hashtag “Makankosappo” they are alluding to a special attack from the manga-turned-anime Dragon Ball series.

With these joyful images coming from all over Japan, the trend has spread to the world, and it hasn’t stopped at the Makankosappo, but has evolved into a series of Kamehameka reenactment photos, clearly depicting strong energy attacks performed by lively fans, in the desire to help spread the word. The images are fun, so we believe that even you can help this trend spread, by bringing our energy levels OVER 9.000!



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  1. Joe Bloe
    April 5, 2013 @ 2:02 am

    I think you meant, “Wielding.”

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