Modern Design Sand Castles

Modern Design Sand Castles

Brace yourself, the time of old-fashioned sand castles is over! Forget about romantic design, turrets and defense walls – these geometrically shaped sculptures are something you don’t see every summer…

Here’s another creative person who took their hobby to a whole new level – Calvin Seibert has gone from making dribble castles to creating breathtaking straight lined beach sculptures. Unlike most other sand castles, his projects mostly represent a composition made completely out of geometrical figures piled up on top of each other and they look more like urban plans for imaginary cities with all those cones, cubes, cuboids and spheres. A new and original approach to the summer pastime made Calvin’s work popular very quickly.

The enthusiastic artist has been making these unusual sculptures for about 6 years now, even though unfortunately they’re as short-lived as any other sand castle. Before they get washed away by waves, Calvin immortalizes them in his photo gallery, which made it possible for thousands of people to enjoy them through flickr. You can check out the rest of the gallery and get some inspiration for the next summer!

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  1. MATT
    December 10, 2012 @ 3:20 am

    I can make this, hold my beer.

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